3 Ways To Make Your Date Night With Your Wife More Memorable

Do you have a big date night with your wife planned? Is it your anniversary or some other special occasion? If you and your wife have been busy with careers, kids, and other responsibilities, you probably want to make the most of your night out together. Going to a nice restaurant or staying in a nice hotel is a good start, but you can do a few other things to make it more special. As much as your wife may enjoy dinner together, she'll probably remember more the additional elements of the date that took her by surprise. Here are three ways to make your big night more special:

Get her a massage. It's called date night, but why not start the fun during the day? Before you get ready and head out on the town, visit a local spa for an afternoon of pampering and a couples massage. That will leave you both relaxed and ready to have fun. Alternatively, you could just surprise her with a trip to the spa. While she's being pampered, you can clean the house or finish up a project that she's wanted you to complete. Surprising her with some pampering will help get the evening off to a great start.

Write her a letter. You wife will probably love dinner, being out on the town, and anything else that you have planned. More than anything else, though, she may just want to know how much you love and appreciate her. Write a letter to her sharing your feelings. Then, as she's getting ready, put it in an envelope and set it in a place where she'll see it. She can then read it in private while you get ready or while you take care of the kids. Telling her how much she means to you will help make the night more special for both of you.

Hire a limo. If it's a big occasion, why not hire a car or limousine service to drive you around? This way, instead of focusing on driving to your restaurant or hotel, you can simply sit in the back and enjoy each other's company. This could actually be very convenient if your night involves more than one stop, such as if you're going to dinner, then a show, and then maybe drinks afterwards. You could also have the limo drive you around the city to special spots from your relationship.

If it's just the two of you, you may feel a little uncomfortable with a large stretch limo. However, most limousine services offer a wide variety of vehicles, from big limousines to SUVs to town cars. Talk to a limo service in your area, like A Prestige Limousine, about how you can use a limo or town car to make your evening more special.