How To Prevent Road Salt From Causing Your Car To Rust

Although necessary for keeping roads safe in winter, road salt is an extremely corrosive material that coats the undercarriage and sides of many cars in winter. This can accelerate the formation of rust on exposed metal, and cause car paint to corrode over time. These tips will help you protect your car and prevent the formation of rust on its body.

Wash Your Car Regularly

The underside of your car is the most vulnerable part of your vehicle because it is unpainted. Flying salt granules will coat the underside of your vehicle each time you drive on salted roads.

To wash off the salt from beneath your car, take your vehicle to a car wash that can clean the undercarriage of the car and which provides drying service at the end of the wash. Do this on a weekly basis when salt is being used on the roads. In addition to regular trips to the car wash, use a hose at home to wash the tire wells when they become dirty.

Wax and Seal Your Car in Fall

Car wax forms a protective barrier between your car's body and the outside elements. In addition, car sealant is available to protect the undercarriage. Have your car professionally waxed and sealed at the end of every fall, before the first snow or ice is on the ground.

Apply Touchup Paint Whenever Necessary

Paint protects the metal on your car's body from rusting, but scratches and dings can leave the metal body of your car exposed. Touchup paint is available at auto supply stores and at dealerships. Buy a small container of touchup paint to use whenever your car gets a new scratch or ding. Inspect your car regularly for new dings.

Get Collision Repair Immediately After Accidents Occur

A car collision may remove entire sections of paint and leave pieces of your car's body exposed to the elements. Failing to get your car repaired after a collision occurs can speed the formation of rust. Have your car repaired even after minor car accidents to ensure that the body of your car is solid and impenetrable to salt.

If your car does rust, you may need to get it repaired at a repair shop (such as California Auto Body North). Take your car in as soon as you see the first signs of rust. By removing rust quickly, you can stop its spread and protect your car from further degradation.