Understanding The Check Engine Light And How To Respond

As the owner of an automobile, you will need to be sure that you understand some key vehicle maintenance tips. One of the main pieces of maintenance that you need to understand is the check engine light. This light can indicate simple problems that can be easily fixed, or serious issues that cost a lot of money and can leave your vehicle out of commission for a while. To understand more about this type of problem, read this guide. 

What exactly does the check engine light indicate?

There are usually two types of check engine light notifications that you will see with your vehicle. If the check engine light is solidly lit, it is an indication that your vehicle's computer system found an issue related to the engine that needs to be addressed soon, but not necessarily immediately. Since so many different processes of your vehicle run through the computer system, there are literally hundreds of different issues that this can cover.

A blinking check engine light is a warning to get your car checked out immediately. To get an idea of what is going on with your vehicle, you should take it to an automotive service shop, like Scotty's Automotive Center, that can provide a free electronic code check. This code will indicate a general idea of the issue, while a further diagnostic test will tell a repair person for sure what the problem is. 

What are some possible problems that the check engine light exposes?

While the potential problems are numerous, there are a few common issues that the check engine light points out. For instance, it could be an indication that you have a bad oxygen sensor, a faulty fuel cap or the need for an oil change. In some cases, your auto shop will handle large scale repairs, while in other situations, they may just alert you of the code and turn off the check engine light. It's best to get a thorough diagnostic check, so that you are not neglecting any issues.

What options do I have?

When you are looking for a repair due to a check engine light indicator, you can begin shopping for parts, in order to save some money on your overall repair. These repair costs are broken down into parts and labor, so this could save you a significant amount of money. Always get a number of quotes from automotive service companies in your area, to be sure you are getting the best deal. 

With this information in mind, take the proper steps to rectify any problems with your automobile.