Auto Body Dents: Addressing Two Common Repair Questions

Damage to your car's exterior can create any number of problems for your vehicle. From the development of rust to structural concerns, auto body damage is a serious issue to face. Yet, you may not have encountered problems with your car's body in the past, and this can cause you to have a limited understanding of how to correct these issues. In particular, dents are an extremely common problem, and the following couple of questions and answers will help you to better understand some of your repair options. 

Can Paintless Dent Repair Be Performed On Any Sized Dent?

Paintless dent repair can be an excellent option for certain types of dents because it uses suction to pull the dent out of the car's exterior. However, some people make the mistake of assuming that this type of repair can be used for any dents, and this is far from the case. In order to be suitable for this type of repair, the dent must not be too deep or large. 

This repair option works by using a powerful suction device to pull the dent out of the car's body. Unfortunately, if the dent is very large or deep, it will be almost impossible for the repair technician to perfectly repair the damage. As a result, you will likely need to use another option for major dents. 

What Is The Process For Repairing A Dent With Body Filler?

When a dent is too large for paintless repair, it is common for body filler to be used. This is a material that will bond to the exterior of the car, and it can be painted to match the color of your vehicle. In order to use this approach to repairing the damage, your technician will first need to sand the damaged portion of the vehicle down to the metal. This will allow the filler material to form a solid bond with your car's exterior surface.

Once this step has been done, the technician will use a special heat lamp to rapidly dry the body filler enough to be painted. Last, the paint is applied and dried, and while this process can be rather lengthy, it may be the best option for restoring your car's appearance. 

Body dents are among the more common forms of damage that a car can sustain. However, there are many people that lack a detailed understanding of their options for repairing this type of damage. By understanding paintless dent repair and body filler, you will have a better understanding of two of the more commonly used options for repairing this damage. 

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