3 Areas To Fix When Putting Your Car Up For Sale

If you're getting ready to put your car up for sale, you will want to make some minor repairs. It is a good way to position your car for sale. Potential buyers will like the look of a well-kept car and be more apt to buy. Here are a few things to fix before putting your car up for sale.  

Fix A Sagging Headliner

The headliner needs to be a priority. The headliner is the material that is attached to the roof of your car. It might be felt, leather, or vinly. When people sit down inside your car, they should be able to look up and see a beautiful ceiling. If the headliner is sagging, then your car will look dilapidated or cheap.

If the filling for the headliner is still intact, then you can have the headliner cover material tightened. If the filler has been lost, or the cover is ripped, then you will need a new headliner. Consider if you want to use a new material at this point. You might want to use a neutral felt material as opposed to a brightly colored material. Take advantage of the opportunity to make the interior of the car match.

Body Fill Scratches

Deep scratches need to be dealt with. People don't like to see scratches because they conjure up the images of accidents. Accidents are not good for cars. So, you need to get rid of the scratches. The easiest way to do this is to use body fill. The main issue is that you will need to match paint.

The first step is top sand down around the scratch. Next, apply the body fill to the frame and let it settle. Next, sand the area down so that it is even with the surrounding area.

Finally you will want to repaint it with paint that matches your vehicles paint color.

Suction Out A Dent

If there is a dent in your car's body, then try and suction it out. This is a great way to remove the problem without having to repair the paint. If the suction is done right, then the paint won't have to be redone.

This is a great method to fix dents on car panels that don't have paint scratches. If the dent is small, and the paint is not cracked, the a suction tool is the best method to remove a dent.

For further assistance, contact a local auto repair shop, such as Blue Valley Garage.