Buying A Used RV Long Distance? Mobile Truck Repair Companies To The Rescue

If you're looking at used RVs, you know that sometimes you have to look far, far away to find a combination of price and model that you like. That poses a big problem as you might not be able to travel to all those different places to inspect the RVs. A solution is to find a mobile truck repair company that will also repair RVs and have them go out to look at the RV and report back to you. If this sounds like a bit of a hassle, it isn't, especially compared to what could happen if you buy an RV without an inspection.

Roof Leaks

The roof on an RV is not like the roof on a car -- RV roofs can leak. While this is a risk even if you buy a new RV because eventually you'll have to worry about the roof on that one, too, with a used RV the roof could be in bad condition but fixed up just enough to look really good to an untrained eye. The staff from the mobile repair company can spot areas that may have been resealed improperly, and they can tell whether the whole roof will need to be replaced.

Hidden Water Damage

Severe water damage to the RV can be easily hidden with paint and new carpeting. The water damage can be from a roof leak, a burst pipe, or even a big spill in the kitchen, so you need to know what signs to look for. A soft floor, for example, can indicate rotten floorboards. Often the sight of new connectors on pipes indicates previous water damage, and the mobile repair techs can further investigate what they find.

Hidden Accidents

As with cars, RVs can be in accidents that go unreported and that don't show up on any vehicle reports. With good repair, it's easy for someone to claim the RV has never been in an accident in order to get a better price. But the mobile techs can spot slightly mismatched paint, a new panel, even slightly different colors of ink on labels to find areas that might have undergone repair. If you don't inspect an RV, you could find that later on these areas of repair start giving you problems, leading to costly repairs that come out of your wallet.

Once the inspection is done, you can use the mobile company's report to either bargain or refuse to make an offer. The company may also be able to help you arrange to bring the RV out to your location, but that varies highly with each company. If you'd like to know more about RV inspections, contact mobile truck repair companies and find out what their procedures are for inspecting used RVs on behalf of someone in another region.