How To Start A Moving Company

If you've ever thought about starting your own moving company business, you are probably aware of the wealth of opportunity in this market. Wherever you live in the country, there are people who need to move from here to there, and they need help to do it. The best thing about a moving company is that you can start small and grow it as you earn more money. Here are the steps to take to start a moving company with the potential to be a huge success.

1. Choose Your Personnel and Equipment

You'll need reliable employees and at least one reliable truck to start your moving company. A minimum of one employee will get you started if you're willing to move items yourself. If you have a friend or family member who is looking for a second job, you may think that's a great idea. However, if your moving company is their second job, your needs won't be their first priority. You're better off hiring someone who can commit to you full-time.

You don't need to own your own truck right away. You can rent or lease a truck on an as-needed basis to start out. The downside of this is that you can't be assured of its reliability. The upside is that you don't have to pay for insurance or maintenance.

Once you have enough capital, and you're ready to buy your own truck, you can source a box truck for sale from a company like House of Trucks. If you check with truck rental companies, you might be able to find a quality used box truck.

2. Be Properly Insured

Liability insurance is crucial to your long-term success as a mover. Most potential customers will want to know that their belongings are covered in case of accidental damage. Contact a business insurance company for liability insurance rates in your area.

3. Find Your Niche

The moving business is competitive, so if you can develop a niche for your company, you'll do well. If you live in a college town, you can advertise for last minute moves at cut-rate prices. If you live in a community of young professionals, you could offer luxury moving that includes some extras, such as electronic hook-up services, furniture arranging services, or unpacking services.

Many large transportation and moving companies started with just one box truck and a handful of employees. You never know where your new moving company will take you!