Buying A Used Semi? 3 Reasons To Look For A Name Brand

If you are in the market for a semi truck, you might be thinking about buying used. Even though there are some owner-operators and fleet managers who prefer brand new trucks, many agree that buying used can be a smarter decision because it can allow you to buy more truck with your money while sticking to your budget. If you are shopping used, however, you will probably want to look for a truck from a name brand that you are familiar with, rather than an off- or lesser-known brand. These are the three main reasons why.

1. It May Be in Better Condition

The big name brands are well known for a reason -- they are often synonymous with quality. Many of the older trucks that you see on the road that are doing well are from top name brands. If you're buying used, you probably want to ensure that the truck that you buy still has a lot of life left in it, and buying from a name brand that you are familiar with and that you trust can help.

2. It Might Be Easier to Find Parts

No matter how nice the truck that you purchase might be, it's going to need maintenance and repairs every now and then. If you purchase a truck from a lesser-known brand, you are going to have a tougher time finding parts for it, especially if you look for cheaper aftermarket parts or used parts. Buying a truck from a big name brand will help ensure that you can save money on parts later on because they'll be a lot easier to find. Along with saving you money, it can also take the hassle out of every minor maintenance task or repair job.

3. It May Still Have a Factory Warranty

A lot of the bigger name brands have long-term warranties because these providers stand behind the trucks that they manufacture. Having a warranty on your used truck can be a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds -- affordable used pricing and long-term reliability. Although you may not find a used truck that is still under factory warranty, you'll be more likely to do so if you shop for a truck from a well-known brand.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons to look for a name brand when shopping for a used semi. Luckily, a good used dealer should be able to set you up with the perfect truck for your needs',whether you are an owner-operator or someone who maintains a whole fleet of commercial trucks.