Auto Body Dents: Addressing Two Common Repair Questions

Damage to your car's exterior can create any number of problems for your vehicle. From the development of rust to structural concerns, auto body damage is a serious issue to face. Yet, you may not have encountered problems with your car's body in the past, and this can cause you to have a limited understanding of how to correct these issues. In particular, dents are an extremely common problem, and the following couple of questions and answers will help you to better understand some of your repair options.

What Are Your Last-Minute Options before a California Smog Inspection?

If you live and drive in California, you're likely subject to a periodic smog inspection. Many counties require you to obtain a current smog certificate (this certifies that your vehicle isn't leaking harmful pollutants into the atmosphere and contributing to air quality problems) before obtaining your vehicle registration. However, a number of fairly minor issues can cause you to fail a smog inspection, making it illegal to operate your vehicle until you've had repairs made and a certificate obtained.

3 Crucial Car Care Tips For New Drivers

After all of the driving lessons from mom, dad and your driving instructor and taking a driver's ed class, you have successfully passed your driver's test and now you have that prized possession that every teenager strives to achieve – your license! And to add to the excitement, your parents have bestowed you with their old car. There's nothing more liberating than getting your license and a car; but, taking care of your car is a big responsibility.

Understanding The Check Engine Light And How To Respond

As the owner of an automobile, you will need to be sure that you understand some key vehicle maintenance tips. One of the main pieces of maintenance that you need to understand is the check engine light. This light can indicate simple problems that can be easily fixed, or serious issues that cost a lot of money and can leave your vehicle out of commission for a while. To understand more about this type of problem, read this guide.

3 Ways To Make It Through Your Next Layover With Ease

Planning on taking a vacation with the family or heading out for a business trip? If so, you want to make sure you have everything lined up ahead of time to prevent any unexpected issues from arising. Regardless of where you are traveling, there are a few things that you can take with you and do wherever you roam. Not sure how to spend that (seemingly) forever-long layover? Not a problem; just check out some of these ideas to make your next trip truly amazing.