Buying A Used RV Long Distance? Mobile Truck Repair Companies To The Rescue

If you're looking at used RVs, you know that sometimes you have to look far, far away to find a combination of price and model that you like. That poses a big problem as you might not be able to travel to all those different places to inspect the RVs. A solution is to find a mobile truck repair company that will also repair RVs and have them go out to look at the RV and report back to you.

3 Areas To Fix When Putting Your Car Up For Sale

If you're getting ready to put your car up for sale, you will want to make some minor repairs. It is a good way to position your car for sale. Potential buyers will like the look of a well-kept car and be more apt to buy. Here are a few things to fix before putting your car up for sale.   Fix A Sagging Headliner The headliner needs to be a priority.

Common Causes Of Hidden Damage After A Minor Collision

The damage after a small accident may look minor, but there are often underlying issues that end up affecting your car. This is especially true for later model cars that are designed to absorb the impact to protect the passengers, often with a sacrifice to structural integrity of the car. The following are some examples of the types of damage your car may have suffered. Unibody Damage Most cars now utilize a unibody instead of a separate frame and panel construction.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Brakes

If you're like most drivers, then all you know about brakes is that they help bring your car to a safe stop and they make plenty of noise when they need changing. But there's more to your vehicle's braking system that meets the eye. Here are 5 interesting factoids about automotive brakes that you've probably didn't know about – until now. Early Braking Systems Were Quite Primitive Braking systems for the first automobiles used the same basic principles as today's modern brakes, but the materials used were drastically different.

The Ways Your Car Tells You It's Time For Brake Service

Your brakes tend to give you the same service until they wear down to a certain point or some component of the brake system fails. In most cases, your brakes give you some warning that there is a problem, giving you time to get in for a brake inspection and service. If you ignore the warnings, you may be looking at a car that isn't safe to drive, and a more expensive repair bill.